A little magic flute

Mozart according to Maio

What do you think would have happened if at the premiere of Mozart’s Magic Flute all the singers had made a lump-sum payment? Well, that’s what our well-known Musicattore© Luigi Maio reveals as the protagonist in his highly entertaining and informative opera Buffa da Camera Un Piccolo Flauto Magico (A Little Magic Flute). Maio, garbed in the hilarious apparel of the Ludwig Gieseke, actor turned theatrical impresario with not a penny in his pocket, is abandoned by his cast. In a last minute bid to save the show, he takes on each and every role with attempted virtuosic aplomb with as his accompanist the pianist Enrico Grillotti.  Needless to say, his renditions, taken from the timeless Mozartian fable, are very much of his own making and highly improbable. Highlights include the implacable and insomniac Queen of the Night and the hapless birdman Papageno who’s allergic to feathers! Maio has created with inimitable verve a show that has revolutionised young people’s perception of Mozart’s music. The libretto, translated from the original text of Schikaneder owes much to the typically Italian style of Da Ponte. With his chamber group arrangement of the music, Maio pays tribute to the 18th century parodies of Mozart’s masterpiece. We can all now see it for ourselves with the Genoese Musicattore’s long-awaited version, which, according to the great Mozartian scholar Rudolph Angermüller is “the only and exhilarating chamber version of the Magic Flute”.