Alberto Bologni


After graduating from the Cherubini Conservatory in Florence with full marks and praise and later obtaining a soloist diploma from the Rotterdam Conservatory, Alberto Bologni owes his training to the contribution of some of the most celebrated violin traditions in Europe: Sandro Materassi acted as a liaison with the Veneto school of Giulio Pasquali and the German-Hungarian school of Jeno Hubay, while Stephan Gheorghiu and Ilya Grubert passed on to him the teachings of the Russian-Soviet school of Oistrack and Kogan. Passionate about art, cinema and literature, his intellectual curiosity made him one of the most versatile violinists of his generation. Alberto Bologni in fact deals with a solo and chamber repertoire that combines the most famous rare and rediscovered masterpieces with a large number of compositions by contemporary authors, often dedicated to him or commissioned by him, performing regularly in major Italian and European centres. Author of the the theatrical dialogue "Goldoni and Haydn ovvero dell'arte della conversazione" and "Il violinista della regina Vittoria", he has also composed the cadences for the violin concerts of Mozart, Haydn, Viotti (n.22) and Paganini (n.1) and a collection of pieces for solo violin. His recordings have been greatly appreciated by the Italian and Anglo-Saxon press. He is D'Addario's testimonial artist. He is professor of violin at ISSM Luigi Boccherini in Lucca and collaborates with some American and English universities. He plays a Saint Serafino of 1734, ex Cesare Ferraresi.