Florian Leonhard

Florian has dedicated his life to studying, restoring and making violins. He has established a career out of his love of fine instruments and has continued to set a standard apart from the rest.

Florian’s expertise and dedication to perfection have ingrained his reputation as a prominent maker of modern violins, a dealer of the finest instruments and an exceptional restorer. His unique combination of skills allows him to offer a wide range of high-quality and bespoke services to his clients.

Florian’s strong classical background in violin making and restoration and his love for old Italian instruments has enabled him to develop his expertise in stringed instruments. Now, he

is a well-known and trusted figure in violin making and authentication, providing instruments and certification to artists all over the world.

At just 19, Florian began his luthier training at Mittenwald; a school known for preserving the art and tradition of violin making. He took seven semesters of intense study to form the foundations of his career as a luthier.

Now, Florian has over 30 years of experience in the industry. His eye for detail, photographic memory and passion for stringed instruments have made him a true industry expert.