Exclusive Saxophone Quartet


Valentina Renesto, soprano sax
Olga Costa, alto sax
Francesca Simonelli, tenor sax
Stefano Angeloni, bariton sax

In September 2010, the "Exclusive" quartet was founded by young musicians coming from various experiences in chamber music festivals. From the combination of professionalism and freshness of their repertoire comes a high level musical product that combines the classical pieces for saxophone quartet, both original and transcribed, to music "borrowed" from jazz, swing and movie soundtracks. A few months after its creation, the ensemble became recognized in the professional classical music scene with excellent results (selected for the prestigious record-concert at Radio Vaticana in December 2010, and winners of the Trento Di Mauro scholarship) and within the Jazz and contemporary music scene. Some new pieces were written specifically for this quartet and played as world premieres (music composed by Roberto Scarcella Perino and Alessandro Fabbri). This versatile and dynamic quartet, together with the pianist Giuseppe Bruno, joined forces to create an unexpected quintet ready to offer a more extensive repertoire, gliding seamlessly between Schumann, Gershwin and contemporary music, all uniquely composed and transcribed for Saxophone Quartet and Piano.