About us


Ambitions for Artists and Art

Suoni dal Golfo was founded by a musician from Lerici with the aim to make Lerici the place to hear wonderful music played by celebrated musicians. It intends to become an integral part of the international classical music festival calendar with a concentration on the development of young artists and fostering the development of Lerici as a major artistic tourist attraction.

Our Audience

An open and creative dialogue with our audience at home and abroad is a central pillar of our work. We hope to entice our audience away from everyday routine and encourage a fascination with art in all its facets. Let the pursuit of art tear down all the walls that we build around us.

Art as an Experience

We create an atmosphere where frank, open and emotional dialogue can occur between performer and audience. Art in all its forms can trigger feelings, reflect social issues, stimulate and provoke discussion …or just simply entertain and inspire. It can be a mirror of an open-minded society that always questions its ideals and beliefs.

Commitment to Quality

We are relentless in our pursuit of the highest quality and excellence in our daily operations. We operate in partnership with the artists who perform here to implement a programme that acknowledges tradition but recognises the importance of being open to contemporary creativity. We follow the less travelled path and the latest developments in art. We dedicate each year to a different country which allows us to bring alternative cultures to our audience and achieve our aim of breaking down barriers.

Responsibility and Sustainability

The future of the new generations and of the nature concern us. The festival therefore supports in every way the activities of young people, develops activities dedicated to children, and acts in favour of environmental protection.



General Manager


President and Artistic Director


Festival Manager


Myrna Bustani
Gintautas Kevisas
Paolo Petrocelli
William Relton