Seaside Serenades Remembering Katya Tsukanova

This program unfolds in memory of the Katia Tsukanova’s premature death. The term Serenade defines as much a love song as a genre of music conceived for open spaces (of which Mozart's Serenades are perhaps the greatest examples). Tchaikovsky's Sérénade mélancolique and Rossini's Une larme are part of a "subgenre " for string instrument and orchestra that avoids the virtuosity of the violin (today very well represented by Vivaldi and Paganini) in favor of the different voice of viola or cello. Shor's Concerto for Clarinet takes us to a contemporary reimagining of Mozart and Weber, a kind of homage to preromantic virtuosity. A masterpiece of the repertoire for strings is the Serenade op. 48 by Tchaikovsky, a composition where the concept of virtuosity extends from soloist to orchestra. The agile and dancing writing is rich in counterpoint combinations that make every instrumentalist essential to the result.